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Solving business challenges since 1985

Business ICT solutions

Business ICT Solutions

Our award winning teams are experts at designing, delivering and supporting enterprise solutions. Our enterprise solutions are grouped into…

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Service and Support

Service & Support

The majority of network outages are still reported to be due to human error. This has remained a consistent problem year on year. Our experienced engineers …

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Technology partners and vendors

Technology Partners

We have a wide range of products and vendor relationships to support our solutions and services. Whether your preference is for self-hosted, cloud or hybrid…

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Latest News…

Dartford, Kent, UK – 21 June 2014

After a hectic week including a couple of days visiting some of our friends and clients in South Wales I just about managed to get back in time on Thursday for a rapid change (there’s never a revolving door when you need one) to head back out in my dinner suit to central London. I was heading to the Comms Business Awards 2014 as a guest of one of our key suppliers – Timico Partners, sponsors of the Medium Reseller Award. MORE

Darren Hilton - Director of Partner Services, Timico Partners with Jimmy Carr

Featured Solutions…

Bring Your Own Device - BYOD solutions.

Bring Your Own Device

Many organisations are deploying or planning to deploy, a ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) facility for their organisation. Managing and securing… MORE

Managed wireless networks to support office, home and remote users.

Managed Wi-Fi

Our Managed Wireless Networks service can be provided as part of a new wireless installation, as an overlay to existing wireless infrastructure or as a combination… MORE

Ethernet WAN services.

Ethernet WAN Services

Modern applications require a new approach to connectivity whether that is for general Internet browsing and email use; or to enable… MORE

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Things we find interesting including technology developments, general IT and telecommunications news…

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