MDM – Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management – MDM – provides visibility and management of corporate owned and personal BYOD devices. Our MDM solutions provide all of the standard features including: enrolment, lock and wipe, passcode reset, locating stolen devices, managing application access rights and restrictions and many other features. MDM helps with compliance management and can also help to control mobile usage costs.

MDM Mobile Device Management

Effective Management of Mobile Devices

  • Visibility and management of corporate owned and personal BYOD devices.
  • User enrolment.
  • Device lock and wipe to protect your data assets in the event of the device being stolen or lost.
  • Passcode reset.
  • Locating stolen or lost devices.
  • Application access rights and restrictions.

Delivered and Supported by Experienced Engineers…

  • Our engineers have been designing, deploying and supporting network solutions for many years.
  • We will design, deliver and support your MDM solution to meet your specific organisational needs.
  • Can be combined with our BYOD solution to create a fully integrated secure local and remote network access and management solution.

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