Cisco Meraki WiFi

Cisco Meraki Wi-Fi – Enterprise Class Cloud Managed Wireless Networks

Cisco Meraki’s networking systems bring enterprise-class networking to organisations of all sizes. Meraki’s unparalleled cloud-hosted controller architecture provides centralised management and security of all Meraki Access Points through an intuitive web interface, dispensing with the high fees and sophistication associated with conventional networking systems. Every day, in excess of 18,000 organisations, in more than 140 countries around the globe count on Meraki for their networks.

Meraki WiFi – Centrally Managed from the Cloud

Meraki WiFi controlled from the CloudMeraki’s award-winning Cloud Controller provides powerful and intuitive centralised management, while removing the expense and sophistication of traditional on-site wireless controllers. Meraki’s Cloud Controller seamlessly manages campus-wide Meraki WiFi implementations and distributed multi-site networks with zero-touch wireless access point commissioning, network-wide visibility and control, cloud-based Radio Frequency optimisation, seamless firmware upgrades and more. With a user-friendly browser-based user interface, Meraki Wireless LANs can be built in minutes – rather than days or weeks – without losing staff time on training courses and without having to employ or contract in dedicated staff.

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Control Applications, Users, and Devices

Meraki WiFi controls Applications, Users, and DevicesMeraki is the only wireless LAN to include Layer seven fingerprinting along with application QoS. Identify hundreds of applications, from business apps to BitTorrent and YouTube. Prioritise vital apps like VoIP, and limit or stop wasteful bandwidth usage such as P2P file sharing. Apply policies by device class, automatically allocating VLAN tags, traffic shaping policies, bandwidth restrictions, and firewall policies to iPads as well as many other machine types. In addition, user fingerprinting with Google-like search permits network technicians to quickly identify and regulate specific users, iPads, Androids, and many other devices.

Meraki Access Points

Meraki Access Points are available to suit many applications from the small or remote office to large campus installations. Meraki Access Points can even be used as a remote access VPN device. They are available for internal and external installations with single, dual and triple radio variants. An installation may comprise several Meraki Access Point types depending on your application, performance and coverage requirements.

Meraki Guest WiFi can be enabled very easily

Guest WiFi

Meraki delivers secure, easy to administer guest access out-of-the-box without extra devices, licenses, or complicated VLAN configurations. Meraki’s integral firewall and DHCP server deliver a complete visitor WiFi solution, making it possible for secure, Internet-only access that safeguards your LAN and other clients from virus or data leakages. Meraki also delivers cloud-hosted, customisable splash pages, bandwidth restrictions, on-the-fly guest logins, along with content filtering, allowing you to customise your guest experience.

Meraki comes with comprehensive Network Security features

Enterprise Security

Meraki provides complete out-of-the-box enterprise class security. Segment your wireless network users, applications, and devices; secure your network from hackers; as well as put into effect the right policies for each class of users. Meraki’s built-in stateful policy firewall, 802.1X/RADIUS support, and native Active Directory integration deliver fine-grained access control, while Meraki’s Guest Access Firewall yields secure, Internet-only guest Wi-Fi with only one click. With integral attributes like Network Access Control (NAC) and Wireless Intrusion Detection and Prevention (WIDS/WIPS), Meraki enables you to build secure wireless network environments without complex configuration or systems integration. Meraki WLANs are fully HIPAA and PCI compliant.

High Capacity 802.11n

Meraki Access Points - High Capacity 802.11n availableMeraki’s 802.11n wireless access points deliver high capacity wireless within dense, demanding environments. Meraki APs are custom-designed for cloud management. Engineered with enhanced CPU and memory capabilities, Meraki APs provide rich services including Layer 7 Application QoS along with NAC at the network edge. Industry-leading 3-stream 802.11n MIMO delivers radio data rates of up to 900 Mbps, while cloud-based RF optimisation with spectrum analysis makes certain that Meraki APs are automatically tuned for highest performance.

Meraki WiFi IEEE802.11n Whitepaper
Meraki WiFi IEEE802.11n Whitepaper (331KB)

Teleworker VPN

Meraki’s Teleworker VPN solution creates a secure IPsec tunnel from any Internet-connected Meraki wireless access point to your corporate network, delivering secure remote access to IP PBX systems, file shares, and internal applications. Teleworker VPN is offered on every Meraki 802.11n access point, at zero additional cost. Remote access points connect securely and automatically to an easy-to-deploy VMWare-based virtual concentrator at your head office, while split-tunnelling only routes internal traffic over the VPN, improving performance and saving bandwidth. See the video below for more information…

Meraki Mesh - High Performance Mesh Routing

Meraki Mesh

High Performance Meraki Mesh Routing – is the ability for Meraki Access Points not wired into the LAN to function as repeaters. Meraki mesh is included within every Meraki AP. Meraki mesh allows for two highly effective use cases: extending coverage to hard-to wire areas, and providing a self-healing network that is resilient to cable and switch failures. Meraki are leaders in high performance mesh routing, with behind-the-scene technological innovations such as multi-radio routing and per-flow analysis that makes Meraki’s mesh quicker and more reliable.

Device Management

Meraki comes with integral device managementMeraki also includes highly effective device administration tools to control the clients on your network. You can centrally administer iOS devices, Windows PCs, and Macs. You can set security policies for the iPads, iPhones, and iPods owned by your enterprise, and you can centrally manage the applications installed on them, pushing new apps and updates to any number of devices when required. In addition to this you can control Macs and PCs, track assets, push software, and even troubleshoot with the integral remote desktop. Device administration is also totally integrated and provided at no extra cost.

Meraki Stumbler

Radio Frequency surveys are necessary to establish the optimum location to install your Meraki Access Points. Surveys are important for all access point installations. Meraki Stumbler is a survey tool available free from Meraki to enable you to scan your local WiFi environment. Far from just a basic site survey tool to determine Access Point placement and channel selection, Meraki Stumbler provides you with the ability to identifying coverage and performance issues in existing networks and rapidly search and filter devices. In addition to Meraki Stumbler, other tools are available ranging from free to very expensive.

Another useful tool available from Meraki is the Wireless Mapping tool. This provides you with visibility of 802.11a/b/g/n coverage and signal strength. More importantly, you can identify any “black holes” internally and externally. Along with the Meraki Stumbler it also has excellent value as a pre-deployment tool to optimise access point placements as well as a post installation survey tool.
These tools are both compatible with Meraki and non-Meraki wireless LANs.

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Meraki WiFi provides you with everything you need from your wireless network. Furthermore, with Meraki Security, WAN Optimisation and Meraki Switches you can build a fully managed network for your organisation that provides you with total visibility and very simple but comprehensive management.

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